Today, something occurred. A chain of thoughts that wouldn’t #unflow. A surge of emotions that wouldn’t #unebb. And a barrage of questions that wouldn’t #unrise. 
Today , I am rethinking my values. The basic ones – Respect for others, honesty, being compassionate, helping others, being fair ,being just, responsible, have faith, love whole heartedly and that self respect is one’s greatest virtue.

Systematically, these last few months, all are in dire need of a renewal program. Frankly, they have matured. And I just pause and think, am I putting my child at great risk by telling her these exist any more. She will follow them whole heartedly, all the values I mentioned above and she will get hurt over and over again for being a stickler. 

What if I told her the reverse?


Don’t have faith in everyone or everything you meet. Nobody can be trusted. You cannot and shall not depend on someone’s kind words. They may be messing with you and you will end up hurting yourself. Always look round the corner and up the alley as this world is full of cunning people , waiting to harm you.


There are lots of time your inner conscience will squeal out and say help thy one on the road , in office or at home. Do it at your risk as you are never getting that help back. Even more, the same person or thing will bite you to dust, the moment you held out that warm hand.


Exploit all you meet. Use and throw. This world is for opportunists and people who know what to use when, are the winners. Don’t be a loser and protect justice. Be a winner and crush it.


We are here to make a mark and not a bow.Be a bully, say what you want to say, don’t let others complete. Jump in and snatch your pie. Jump the queue, jump the bar and litter out. #UntheRule and #unRespect


This is a make believe word. Till the time you know , this is fantasy, you will be happy. Don’t search for it. Don’t give up for it. There isn’t such thing. If you happen to find it, #uncling.

All the above sound #unfamiliar to me. Telling it to my daughter, seems disastrous. But it doesn’t seem #unreal. 

And yes , then there is the argument,be street smart. Well, this is the killer attitude. Get going and do the #unvalue in the coolest way. 

I only have one question to my fellow parents , peers and all reading this, are you facing this and is it right to reverse the game or simply, #UnValue.



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