Perspectives of an almost 5 year old

Mumma ” Bubs, you should celebrate Krishna’s birthday today.”
Lil’ La ” But he is invisible Mumma.”

Mumma, puzzled that she knows he is not human. I haven’t told her as far as I can remember.

Mumma,”Well, he is a cheeky boy and he loves to play hide and seek.”

Lil’ La, ” Then I will use a telescope to find him!”

And isn’t  this intriguing as space and divinity do go together and I haven’t told her any of it.

Is it why they say children are the closest to godliness. Maybe …

Mumma smiles to herself and can only remark ,” Happy Janmashtami, my Lil’ Krishna. ”

On this my Lil’ Krishna adds and says,” I have an idea Mumma, I will make a drawing for Krishna, find him and give him for his birthday.”

It’s a good plan. As always, I leave the execution also to her !


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