Every time I think of her my eyes swell. That’s one of the reasons I was fighting back the desire to write about her and my connection with her.

She touched me in a number of ways. Not just the grand parental love but the difference she made to my thinking, my personality and my inherent traits. She was the strongest human being I know having survived the deaths of two loved ones in a lifetime – her husband and her son.

Funny, generous, welcoming and spirited her heart was with her grandchildren. Eight of us and we were like the light of her eyes. Obviously , she had her favourites ! You could tell the joy in her heart when one of the grand children or children were visiting , photographs across her home would change, favourite food will be cooked, all favourite snacks would be ordered and our chubbiest hug would be given at any point of time.

I would love to snuggle to her but she had a rule. She would wait for you to fall asleep and then gently take her side of the bed. I would always complain and then she would give me a hug. I remember my childhood crying incessantly when she left post our vacations. I would hold on to the pillow she slept on for days imagining I was still snuggled up to her.

I vividly remember our summer vacations at her home.


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